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Fused Cast AZS block
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Fused Cast AZS block


Classification of zirconium corundum:

According to the content of ZrO2, there are generally 33#, 41#, 36# zirconium corundum.

Chemical composition of zirconium corundum :

The main crystalline phase of zirconium corundum is α-Al2O3, and the secondary crystalline phase is oblique zircon, which also contains a small amount of glass phase.


Chemical composition (%)   33#    41#   36#
Al2O3  <=50   <=45  <=47
Zr2O3  32-36  40-44  35-40
SiO2     <=16-16.5  13    14
Na2O  <=1.5  1.3    16


Physical properties of zirconium corundum :

Zirconium corundum has a tough texture, compact structure, high strength and good thermal shock resistance. It is generally grayish brown.

Use of zirconium corundum

Zirconium corundum has good melt erosion resistance and can be used as a high-grade abrasive to produce high-performance heavy-duty grinding wheels. It has a good grinding effect on steel, cast iron, heat-resistant steel, and various alloy materials. In addition, zirconium corundum is an advanced refractory raw material and is an ideal material for the production of high performance sliding nozzles and immersion nozzles. It can also be used to make zirconium corundum bricks for glass melting furnaces.

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