Zibo Badou Refractory Co.,Ltd


  Zibo Badou Refractory Co.,Ltd is located at the east foothill of  Mount Tai ,the original place of ancient Qi kingdom and Lu Kingdom. The rich mineral resources  and convenient transportation set up the unique advantage of developing refractory industry for this region . The company with registered capital 11,000,000 CNY and the fixed assets 80,000,000 CNY cover 62200 m2 area,its structure area is 48800 m2.There are 300 employees include 80 technicians in our company and the main products include quality silica bricks for glass furnace ,fused casting AZS blocks, silica bricks for coke oven, silica insulating bricks, quality silica mortar, high alumina bricks,etc. All the products reach  national or international quality standard.

  Zibo Badou Refractory Co.,Ltd has been producing refractory materials for more than 40 years. The company has become a production base of silica bricks for glass furnace.With the help of the advanced equipment and technology  our production capacity reach 50,000 tons annually,  Also the  research institute for silica materials  as a quality inspection section  of our company guarantee the products quality with its complete facilities. Our products are not only sold to more  than 20 provinces in China but also to South Korea,Japan, South Africa, Canada, USA and European countries.The quality silica bricks developed by us are awarded silver metal by State Science Commission and the  Prize for progressing science and technology by Shandong government. We are member of the national silica bricks association and the member refractory standard revision committee.We have got ISO-9001 quality system certificate ,ISO14001 Environment Manage System Certificate ,ISO45001 Certificate and  the right of self-managed import  and export. In 2020 we are rated as a high-tech enterprise and obtain a number of utility model patent certificate and invention patent certificate. These years we established sincere friendship with our clients on the basis of integrity ,as a result we are awarded as provincial credit unit for many years.

  We invested 50,000,000 CNY on the new production line which produce fused casting AZS blocks in 2007 .The introduction of advanced equipment and technology especially the application of microwave drying method for sand mold making made our production energy-saving and environment-friendly. It is a production line that meets all the refractory industry specifications. Our products #33,#36 ,#41 fused casting AZS blocks are praised by domestic and abroad clients for its good quality .Presently the production capacity reach 5,000 tons annually.

  Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.



Core Concept

Science and technology as the guide, use your brains in everything, and always talk about efficiency


Quality Policy

Survive by quality, develop by quality, and benefit by quality


Corporate goals

Sixty years of hard work and fruitful results, sixty years of honing the quality of Mount Taishan.


Half century of history and culture


Founded in 1958, the company mainly produces ceramics.


In 1970, the company began producing refractory-clay bricks.


In 1976, the company began to specialize in the production of silicon refractories. In 1976, the company's first 120-cubic-meter downdraft kiln was officially put into operation, which opened a new chapter in the firing of silica bricks. At the largest scale, there were 11 inverted kiln.


In 1983, the company changed its name to the eight steep refractory plant.


In 1988, Comrade Chen Weiguo was appointed as the director of the Eight Steep Refractory Plant.


In October 1994, the first staff dormitory was officially put into use.


On December 31, 1999, the company was officially transformed from Badou Refractory Factory to Zibo Badou Refractory Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 5.88 million yuan.


In August 2001, the first energy-saving tunnel kiln built by the company with self-financing was put into operation formally, and its productivity and economic benefits have reached a high level.


In 2003, the second tunnel kiln and the second molding workshop were operated simultaneously, and the output and benefit were up to the standard, which indicates that the company has gradually become large-scale. In September 2003, the company was granted the right to import and export.


In 2007, the company's first fused zirconium corundum brick production line was officially put into production, and the company's development has diversified since then.


In May 2009, the company's coal-fired tunnel kiln was successfully converted to natural gas, completely solving the problem of soot pollution.


In 2010, the company's first semi-automatic press was successfully reformed, and it took the first step toward the transformation of automation.


In October 2011, the second fused zirconia corundum brick production line was officially put into operation.


In July 2014, Chen Yanming, the general manager of the company, was elected as the secretary of the new party branch. In December 2014, the company's registered capital increased from 5.88 million to 11 million yuan.


In 2018, Shandong Banai Kiln Industry Co., Ltd. was established.